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For my Course 5 final project, I am still deciding on two possible options and since I’m now an administrator I’m finding that coming up with a project is a little more tricky. Considering this, I am inviting lots of feedback and suggestions from anyone who reads this post. The first option, and one that I am leaning towards the most, has to do with our Global Citizenship initiative at AISR this year. As the Middle School Assistant Principal, I have taken on the majority of the responsibility for our Advisory program, which we are striving to make more meaningful and purposeful. Along with this, I have also become part of a project team that is focusing on creating lessons and activities to build awareness about global issues and understanding towards Global Citizenship. So far I have made it a priority to create activities and lessons for Advisory classes to build awareness and the feedback has been pretty positive. My thoughts for the project would be to continue this and try to take the learning and involvement from the students to the next level.

How I envision doing this would be to use the following two learning goals for both our students and teachers:

  • Teachers will understand that learners come to the classroom with valuable knowledge and skills based on their individual experiences and cultures
  • Students will understand that improving their critical thinking, problem solving, perspective-taking and research skills fosters the mindset, skills and values of global citizenship

Both of these goals are taken directly from UNESCO and I feel that they fit in perfectly with what we have learned in CoeTail so far. To meet these goals effectively, teachers will need to play the role of facilitator and students will need to use technology to demonstrate their ability to improve their understanding of global citizenship, using both forms of PBL. Using global issues as the main idea for this learning also brings ‘Challenge Based Learning’ into play. According to NMC this could be used as a multidisciplinary approach towards reaching these learning goals that would encourage students to use technology they use in a very purposeful way. It would enable them to investigating and possibly even taking action with real world problems they will be learning about. Using technology, students will also create products that reflect their understandings of Global Citizenship based on the UNESCO themes.

Considering these goals will be targeted during advisory class, brings a couple of challenges. First, the advisory class is only 25 minutes long, which will make it more difficult for students to engage with their project and be productive on a daily basis. Secondly, I will need to facilitate almost entirely digitally from my end, which will be a new challenge for me.

The second possibility for a final project would involve creating infographics based on current existing documents created by our administration and teachers. The purpose of this project would be to use technology skills from the CoeTail course and apply them at our school to make use of the benefits of infographics and their visual appeal. Having the infographics available will help faculty, staff and students absorb information quicker and more efficiently. I feel that doing this will be highly beneficial for our faculty and staff because of their busy jobs and lifestyles. Sometimes reading through a large document can be very time consuming and involve a lot of searching. Having the infographics available would allow for quick and convenient process of information which would be a great time saver and also, I feel that less searching would need to be done since the infographics would allow you a quick scan to see what information you needed to access based on visuals. An example I already envision could be the visa process for new teachers getting into Saudi Arabia. There is a ton of documentation and information involved with this and I think an infographic could simplify this.

In this case I could can both, my colleagues and the students as students to be involved in the process. For my colleagues, I would have them select which documents they would like to see transformed and if enough like the products I could do some in-house PD to show how to do it as they go through the process and learn themselves with other documents. The only challenge I see with this, of course, is time. For the students, it would be a similar idea and I would work closely with our middle school technology teacher to teach and facilitate the idea of creating infographics to help with general information and learning all around the school. An example I can see happening already involves our new middle school garden. I am thinking, instead of those just involved with the use of the garden knowing and learning how it works we could have infographics around the garden explaining what is happening with the planting and growing process.

Any feedback for these choices would be greatly appreciated to help choose which project I should focus on! Looking forward to seeing some great results!  

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  1. Two very possible ideas. Your first idea seems like it would be the focus of advisory for a semester with some overall guiding question / goal / global challenge and that students would work towards that end with the UNESCO goal in mind. That being said, the UNESCO goal doesn’t really seem different from your school’s mission statement so it much of a change? (I don’t know what you currently do in advisory.) On the other hand the creation of infographics sounds like something that isn’t being done at your school currently. Could you make a couple of example from school documents, as you suggested, for the adults and then train them. They could, in turn, work with students for student creation of infographics. This could be an outcome of whatever is already happening in advisory.

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