Global Citizenship Learning @AIS-R

Here it is! My first ever iMovie. I hope this summarizes Global Citizenship Learning this year at AIS-R in a way it deserves!

After creating my final video for this course, I can say that our school has transformed this year in its understanding of Global Citizenship and I feel that I have been a positive contributor towards this outcome. The amount of evidence of learning and understanding I had to go through to create a video was very overwhelming because of all that was shared so far this year. I honestly feel that I would need a video that would be closer to an hour to a give true justification of how much work our teachers and students put into their learning.


With regards to our goals with Global Citizenship learning this year, I feel that it is clear that we accomplishing what we set out for and beyond. How engaged the students have been throughout the process and their efforts towards increasing their understanding has went beyond expectations and I am excited to see where it will go next. Students and teachers have moved towards a much more global mindset and are looking to take action on issues they care about and making sure that action is as sustainable as they can make it because they want their action to make a real difference.  


Technology has played a key role in making this all possible. The collaboration on google docs, creating videos and presentations through research have been very effective ways for all students, teachers and administrators to communicate. Also, students having the ability to connect with real organizations that are already deeply involved in Global Citizenship awareness and action online, has been a very helpful part of this process. This allowed students and teachers to see where they can start in order to contribute and things they can do to make a difference. Tech has been a very efficient way for students to get ideas and get involved.

This process has not only been very beneficial for the students, but also for the teachers and administrators. I personally have learned a ton this year and my understanding of Global Citizenship learning has increased exponentially. It has been a great learning experience being a leader in this area as well, and I am also excited for my next steps towards contributing with continuing to deepening our understanding at AIS-R.  

Who Needs Face to Face These Days Anyway?

Being in my new role as Middle School Assistant Principal this year has given me a great opportunity to work with different leaders from different divisions of the school and has allowed me the opportunity to become a part of the ‘big’ community picture at AIS-R. This has also led to a great opportunity for me to learn effective ways to communicate in an online community. Working with other administrators and teachers in different divisions can lead to be difficult when working on big projects and becomes even more challenging when working with students in other divisions. Timings are different and everyone is very busy with their normal day to day work and routines. This can make it difficult to organize the amount of face to face discussion needed to fulfill all the requirements and details of the amazing projects we’ve worked on as a school this year.

Under these circumstances, Google Docs has become an extremely effective tool with all of its amazing capabilities that allow highly effective online collaboration and discussion. For all the project teams and task forces I have worked with this year, using Google Docs has allowed me to become an involved collaborator and contributor in the many online communities I have been a part of. HERE is one example of a Google Doc I was involved with that was a key part if the process that was a key component in constructing a large school wide project that was designed to showcase the everyday life at our school. This project was large scale and had more moving parts and detail than any other project I have ever been a part of.

I truly believe that without having access to the technology used in organizing and communicating within this project, it would have never have been as rich and complex as it was. I think many others would also agree with this statement. Having an online document to both work from, visualize from and clearly communicate from, live from anywhere allows us to accomplish major task as an online community. 

Using Google Docs has been my primary source of online collaboration in my new administrative role this year, but as I continue to become more literate with Google Docs and see it’s effectiveness, I am also looking to embrace more opportunities with online communities in order to enhance my learning and communication as an Educator. I am also in the beginning stages of growing my PLN with Twitter and as I get more involved I am seeing how creating an online network will help me generate many more thoughts and ideas that will help me continue to develop Global Citizenship understanding at AIS-R. Here are some examples of how I have begun to use Twitter to help promote Global Citizenship thinking at my school and also get my name out into the digital world with my involvement in Problem Based Learning in Mathematics at a NESA conference. This is a next step that this CoeTail course has helped me commit to and I am excited to see where it will take my learning. 

Thus Far…

Creating a video that captures the essence of where our school is with our Global Citizenship learning has become a far more daunting task than I originally thought. Where do I start!? All of the great things we have done so far this year has been overwhelming to sift through and… oh yeah, I have to do quite a bit to get my video editing skills up to par as well.

Developing my final project has come with great timing since, with all the hard work our faculty and staff has done, our school has just received its International Certification from the Council of International Schools. They base this on how far our school has come with embedding global citizenship its culture. Finally being able to step back and reflect on where we are at this point, I feel that everyone is blown away at the work we’ve done. I also get the luxury of feeling like a high contributor and am very excited about all that I have learned this year. This makes me, although nervous, about my final project, also excited to put a glimpse of all we’ve done together in a snapshot so new teachers and students can see what they will also be able to get involved in at this school.
A few examples of the many highlights that are giving me ideas to include are, our school’s biggest project of the year #thisismyschool, which encapsulates all that we do in a very creative and global way, our TEDx event, where many of our students created thought provoking talks and our global citizenship student panel, where students discussed many of their thoughts towards global citizenship and the benefits and challenges of becoming global citizens. Once again, these are just to highlight a few of the many amazing things our school has accomplished this year and I am looking forward to spreading the amazingness.

Shining a Light on Global Citizenship

My final project for my CoeTail course will be to create a video that tells the story of Global Citizenship at AIS-R. As an administrator at AIS-R I have had the opportunity this year, to play a role in the development of Global Citizenship within the school culture, which is something that I feel has now been established as a foundation and will continue to build in the years to come. As an international school it is only relevant that we, as a school community, take on our responsibilities of modeling being active global citizens as well as embedding this into our school mission and vision. This is a key component to ensure our students are exposed to and given the opportunity to develop the understandings, skills, values, and mindset involved in becoming a global citizens themselves. My favorite quote from Robert Fulgham states, “Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” Here is the UBS Planner I used to assist with delivery of the lessons and goals for Global Citizenship learning this year.

Being a member of the AIS-R community has allowed me to be a part of a tremendous team of teachers, administrators and students who certainly took the idea of embedding Global Citizenship into our school culture to a level above and beyond. This being said, I feel that capturing all of this great work and allowing other teachers and students who are becoming members of our community a glimpse of the aspect of our school could be very helpful as part of the orientation process. It will paint a picture of what they can expect coming into our school in terms of Global Citizenship.

It will be a very difficult task taking all that has happened and putting it all together in a video that is clear and paints the proper picture of what has taken place this year. However, in the end, I hope I can accomplish something valuable that contributes to the ongoing success of our school community.