Shining a Light on Global Citizenship

My final project for my CoeTail course will be to create a video that tells the story of Global Citizenship at AIS-R. As an administrator at AIS-R I have had the opportunity this year, to play a role in the development of Global Citizenship within the school culture, which is something that I feel has now been established as a foundation and will continue to build in the years to come. As an international school it is only relevant that we, as a school community, take on our responsibilities of modeling being active global citizens as well as embedding this into our school mission and vision. This is a key component to ensure our students are exposed to and given the opportunity to develop the understandings, skills, values, and mindset involved in becoming a global citizens themselves. My favorite quote from Robert Fulgham states, “Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” Here is the UBS Planner I used to assist with delivery of the lessons and goals for Global Citizenship learning this year.

Being a member of the AIS-R community has allowed me to be a part of a tremendous team of teachers, administrators and students who certainly took the idea of embedding Global Citizenship into our school culture to a level above and beyond. This being said, I feel that capturing all of this great work and allowing other teachers and students who are becoming members of our community a glimpse of the aspect of our school could be very helpful as part of the orientation process. It will paint a picture of what they can expect coming into our school in terms of Global Citizenship.

It will be a very difficult task taking all that has happened and putting it all together in a video that is clear and paints the proper picture of what has taken place this year. However, in the end, I hope I can accomplish something valuable that contributes to the ongoing success of our school community.

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