Thus Far…

Creating a video that captures the essence of where our school is with our Global Citizenship learning has become a far more daunting task than I originally thought. Where do I start!? All of the great things we have done so far this year has been overwhelming to sift through and… oh yeah, I have to do quite a bit to get my video editing skills up to par as well.

Developing my final project has come with great timing since, with all the hard work our faculty and staff has done, our school has just received its International Certification from the Council of International Schools. They base this on how far our school has come with embedding global citizenship its culture. Finally being able to step back and reflect on where we are at this point, I feel that everyone is blown away at the work we’ve done. I also get the luxury of feeling like a high contributor and am very excited about all that I have learned this year. This makes me, although nervous, about my final project, also excited to put a glimpse of all we’ve done together in a snapshot so new teachers and students can see what they will also be able to get involved in at this school.
A few examples of the many highlights that are giving me ideas to include are, our school’s biggest project of the year #thisismyschool, which encapsulates all that we do in a very creative and global way, our TEDx event, where many of our students created thought provoking talks and our global citizenship student panel, where students discussed many of their thoughts towards global citizenship and the benefits and challenges of becoming global citizens. Once again, these are just to highlight a few of the many amazing things our school has accomplished this year and I am looking forward to spreading the amazingness.

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