Global Citizenship Learning @AIS-R

Here it is! My first ever iMovie. I hope this summarizes Global Citizenship Learning this year at AIS-R in a way it deserves!

After creating my final video for this course, I can say that our school has transformed this year in its understanding of Global Citizenship and I feel that I have been a positive contributor towards this outcome. The amount of evidence of learning and understanding I had to go through to create a video was very overwhelming because of all that was shared so far this year. I honestly feel that I would need a video that would be closer to an hour to a give true justification of how much work our teachers and students put into their learning.


With regards to our goals with Global Citizenship learning this year, I feel that it is clear that we accomplishing what we set out for and beyond. How engaged the students have been throughout the process and their efforts towards increasing their understanding has went beyond expectations and I am excited to see where it will go next. Students and teachers have moved towards a much more global mindset and are looking to take action on issues they care about and making sure that action is as sustainable as they can make it because they want their action to make a real difference.  


Technology has played a key role in making this all possible. The collaboration on google docs, creating videos and presentations through research have been very effective ways for all students, teachers and administrators to communicate. Also, students having the ability to connect with real organizations that are already deeply involved in Global Citizenship awareness and action online, has been a very helpful part of this process. This allowed students and teachers to see where they can start in order to contribute and things they can do to make a difference. Tech has been a very efficient way for students to get ideas and get involved.

This process has not only been very beneficial for the students, but also for the teachers and administrators. I personally have learned a ton this year and my understanding of Global Citizenship learning has increased exponentially. It has been a great learning experience being a leader in this area as well, and I am also excited for my next steps towards contributing with continuing to deepening our understanding at AIS-R.  

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